Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hiring a Wedding Planner in Arizona

The degree to which the planner is involved in your wedding is up to you and your fiancé. A wedding planner can help you plan your entire wedding or coordinate certain elements of your wedding day. Coordinators can take on responsibilities including:
Creating an ideal wedding that’s customized to your style and needs
Helping to select your venue, colour scheme, invitations, food, flowers, arranging the wedding rehearsal, etc.
Helping you stay within your budget and find the best value for your money
Suggesting vendors that will fit your budget, ideas and those that have a history of quality work – wedding coordinators have contacts within the industry, often receiving a much better rate on services
Creating a wedding planning schedule to know which tasks need to be done and when – this can lower the stress level
Expertise on wedding etiquette, so whenever you have a question about what is “right” they will have the answer
Preparing a wedding day schedule
The Cost
Wedding planner were once thought of as a luxury or for the elite. Now wedding planners are not only affordable, but they can save you money with their contacts and resources.

“Our coordinator actually helped me save money because she knew of all the right companies and contacts that would provide the best service on our budget. I would have never thought of half of the people she contacted for our wedding,” says one bride.
The cost of a wedding planner varies based on level of experience, services required, and overall size of the wedding. Typically, there are three different ways a wedding planner can charge: by a percentage of the total wedding costs, a flat fee, or by the hour.

It’s better to have a flat fee when possible so you’ll know the complete cost up-front. Most consultants will meet with you for an initial consultation at no cost or obligation to discuss how they can help with your wedding.

A professional wedding planner will work with you towards a dream wedding all within your budget.

Selecting a Wedding Planner
Your wedding planner will be helping you make important decisions so it’s essential that you find one that you feel comfortable working with and that listens and understands your needs. A wedding planner is hired to serve you and will be receptive to your ideas, as long as you communicate them clearly.
There are several things you should consider and ask before hiring one:
Be sure to interview a few different planners before making your final decision
Find out how long they have been in the business
Tell her about any special requirements or ideas you would like to have incorporated into your wedding day
Establish payment – ask the pricing policy;

determine in advance how your coordinator will be paid
Get everything in writing with a letter of agreement signed by both of you that clearly states what each of you will do

Determine your own needs – Do you want the planner to find all your vendors and you will handle the details? How involved do you want the coordinator to be?
Having a dependable and trustworthy wedding planner can ease the planning and decision making of your wedding day, allowing you and your fiancée to relax and enjoy your engagement.

Courtesy of the W Network. Written By: Susan Chung

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