Friday, July 4, 2008

The Icing on the Cake!

One of the most fun appointments I have with my clients is the cake tasting. And not so suprising is who many grooms I can get to attend this one too! There are a few things I recommend my clients consider when preparing for the tasting.
Consider Location. If you outdoors for the reception, remeber ICING MELTS.
Opt for a heartier frosting like fondant. Another tip: Make sure your cake isn't displayed too early. When the weather is warm, a cake shouldn't be left out for more than two hours. Keep it in an air-conditioned room until it's time for the cake cutting.
Be prepared. Your cake designer will have sample books, but being prepared with ideas and pictures will ensure you get exactly the cake you want to dive into on your big day! Also, determine your cake topper before your appointment. Now you can bring it to the appointment and the cake designer can determine the weight and extra posts and platforms necessary so your topper doesn't sink!
Here are some cake toppers I love!

Or you can have a cake topper custom made!

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