Saturday, June 6, 2009

No ID Required: 2: Not your mom's lumpy potatoes!

We all worship the fabulous spread of comfort food that we have come to love around the holidays and a personal favorite of mine is the mashed potatoes and gravy, that usually came out of a box in my household, but was a favorite nonetheless!
Now in the advent of more creative food presentation, our fabulous caterers and chefs have found a way to glamourize the savory servings of starchy flakes so perfectly drowned in toppings....with a MASHED POTATO BAR! Begin with your best varieties of the startchy ridden goodness...garlic, red potato, whipped, whatever you like!
Add your favorite toppings as options for your guests like bacon, chives, cheeses, chili, salsa, kethups, sour creams, and lots of varieties of gravies. Allow your guests to help themselves to your fabulous bar by serving your potatoes in martini glasses! Chic and Carb-licious!

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