Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Sweetest Thing....

This is for those of you with a sweet tooth! This has been a treat we have seen for a while in the wedding industry- the candy bar! Jars line up filled with delicious treats all color coordinated to the big day offer temptations to your guests that willl delight those of any age!
I wanted to hightlight this bar this week because I want to make sure that those brides interested in this candy creation that there are professionals who provide this bar that I would consider FIRST before attempting on your own! When I provide a candy bar to my brides or anyone else- I bring custom linens to match the decor, candles, scoops, candy and beautiful glass apothecary jars, and coordinating bags for the guests to bring their goodies home! Becuase I rent this out, I am able to get better quality goodies, high end jars, and gorgeous textiles that would cost anyone else more than just a few chocolate coins! My cost is $4 a guest....and for that you will get a priceless memory of your sweetest thing at your big day! And maybe a cavity too, it's a risk you'll have to take.
Let me know if you need some sugary goodness....

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