Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Email from Santa

Well its that time of year again!! One of the things I remember most about XMAS, was the letters I received from Jolly Ol' St Nick himself. Now later on I found out that my parents had to help a little with this as the big man is pretty busy, but nevertheless, it's a memory I treasure. Here we are 2009 and while those in the industry probably keep the integrity of the written letter more then anyone ( we talk about all the proper ettiquette, shipping, postage all year long for goodness sake!), it made me wonder how Kris is keeping up this year! Now I don't have children yet, but I can't imagine my future kids NOT getting a letter from the North Pole. So in a day of Facebook, Emails, Twitters, Blogs, and Webcams, how's the big guy to keep up? Will future generations have the special feeling I had when I would run to the mailbox, bring cookies to my postman, who would that time of year dress as Santa ( just to help out of course)? And will the know the anticipation to see what Santa had wrote back when you asked for a pony and to be princess of the world? ( I only got one of those- and I still don't have a pony.) So here is what I found!! has become my new favorite place to visit! So easily I was able to email Santa with a few little plug, age, sex, 3 wishes, and what I want to leave for Santa. I left carrots for the reindeer.
And surprisingly VIOLA a REALLY personalized email was sent right to me!! With all the charm of reminding me that at 29, presents aren't as good as they were when you were little and the response for a  winning lottery ticket...Aha! You'd like a little extra spending money I see! Well, the elves had to stop printing winning lottery tickets for me to give away when a nice police officer reminded me that is illegal! Lucky for me the police officer is a good friend but I don't give away lottery tickets anymore! (Well, okay, I have been known to give some away out of my own pocket but don't tell Mrs. Claus! *wink*) I'd share more but you should write your own! Better yet let your pet email rudoulph?!
Naughty or Nice list Not sure if you made the cut? Find out here and get your very own official standings certificate! PS even if you put all bad stuff they don't give up on you! I've had a crooked halo!
Don't miss the webcams either! There is a whole new world on checking up on the big guy!
And how can you not be a "fan" of SantaClaus on FaceBook? Or better yet see how you would look in the big red suit on FaceBook Santa Yourself!
And while its not available now, soon there will be radar tracking sites available for us to monitor the arrival times, and updates on his whereabouts too!
Now those in the industry know that as a Wedding Planner, we are the unseen heros. Its what we are doing for 13 hours on your day that you DON'T want to know about...and while everythings seems to go perfect, it's all the things that we did behind the scenes that made it seem that it was only fitting that I represent the other unseen heros for XMAS the elves...without them there would be no Christmas! So visit ElfYourself.comSo in honor of my gal pals who I recently lunched with here we are...
 Check us out! Featured dancers include Kim @ The Event Essentials, Kate @ KateRyan Occasions, Emily @ Your Heart's Desire, Alesha @ A Day to Cherish, and of course me!!

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