Tuesday, March 30, 2010

{Prepare2Wed} Dolce Calendar Week 3: Trial by jury

Alright ladies after a one week break - we're back! Four weddings in 2 weeks will do that to you!! So next on your Dolce Salon prep agenda is the TRIAL! Super important to the success of your look on your most important day. Be sure to bring all hair accessories you are considering, including veils,combs, headbands, even flowers. Also, bring all your jewelry to this appointment as well, including necklace and earrings. This will ensure that the look you decide fits your whole and complete vision for the day!

4 Months Before
Make your hair and make-up appointments for your trial and wedding day.
Make hair and make-up appointments for your bridesmaids and relatives as well.

M2B Tip: Change accessories from ceremony to reception. Jewels to feathers, or veil to flowers...this signifies the change in formality as well as a whole new look for pictures and more opportunities for us gals to get more delicious details! And what girl doesn't want that! 

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