Monday, May 21, 2012

{co2co} a public service announcement: no more napkins in glasses.

Ok it's a bit of Monday morning snarkiness. As I stroll thru millions of pictures on the oh so very addicting Pinterest, its so easy to see why brides expect more from their big day. Of course this phenomena began with shows like Platinum Weddings or My Fair Wedding from David Tutera. Bride's imaginations were unleashed and now they dream bigger, aspire for more, and know they want a wow factor for their big day! This all makes my job so much more fun!  And these sources are just that...sources. These crazy installations, over the top florals and custom eveything requires savvy and know how. Even more so why they need a planner with quality design experience to transform their wedding into the lavish affair they deserve.

And here's where I get on a soap box. I need a ref whistle to call a time out on some event coordinators who claim to be event "designers" .

Your clients come to you to facilitate their dream. It is your job to listen, translate, and educate your client on costs, trends, and benefits to investing more in areas that will create the experience they desire.One might argue that creating something seen on Platinum Weddings cannot be created for everyone's budget. As a hired event professional you should know how to create a wow factor for your client on the scale they need. That is your job.

Keeping up on exciting new vendors, the latest trends, and clearly understanding the needs of your demographic is also part of your job. I have clients ask me all the time "if this is cheesy let me know", "if this is out let me know". You have a duty to truly let them know how you can take their vision and make it current and exciting for them and their guests. Brides know what they have seen- from a magazine, from a friend's wedding, and from tv. You have a responsibility to take it beyond their expectation.

 If you emphasize your design work while at the same time posting examples that might as well have been created 10 years ago then you are misrepresenting your skill set.  

Here are some of the offenses I see every day:

Color coordinating candy does not make you a designer.

If you post a picture of a napkin in a wine glass ...well you might be a designer from 1989.
(I just saw this offense today and it  inspired me to write this blog).
If you check off on your list "hire a florist"- that doesn't make you a designer.

There is a really great blog written by Preston Bailey on the differences between event designers and event planners.Its a very blurry differentiation. What I want to emphasize here is the role of the planner in design.  Your event has a style that is brought together by elements. These elements include floral, lighting, food & beverage, entertainment, stationary & rentals.  It is the planners role to design a whole setting {big picture} that incorporates all these elements. We take over the vision and show how it can translate into reality.  Then we rely upon our team to create to incredible details {small picture}so that nothing is missed and our clients have an unforgettable experience.

 It's my job to be an expert at event planning {which has a heavy emphasis in design}, to keep the planning on track & to have knowledge and experience in all areas of the industry.  By keeping the planning smooth, clients have less stress and more excitement leading up to the big day!  In the meantime my vendors have what they need from me...information, security, inspiration, and permission for creativity. The result? Incredible memories, joyful brides, and weddings that are a work of art.

Much love to my brides who trust me to run away with their vision...and  a shout out to my team who makes it possible for this designer to dream big . We haven't burned down a place yet!

regina @ meant2be events

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