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Vendor Crush: Studio Moirae on THE FIRST LOOK!

The beautiful thing about our Arizona summers is it gives me an opportunity to get to know a few talented people in our industry a bit better. We are so lucky to have so many fabulous people to help bring our client's visions to reality. One of those talented "peeps" are the folks at Studio Moirae

Here is a snippet of wisdom from Jasen at Studio Moirae on one of my favorite topics: THE FIRST LOOK!

I have been fortunate to sit down with Regina a couple times now. We typically talk about the wedding industry, wedding clients and wedding traditions. You know? The stuff all friends talk about at lunch! We often plan on sitting down for an hour and before you know it 2 have gone by. Always good conversation and I always leave feeling fortunate to have learned something new about planning a wedding and everything that falls under the planner’s umbrella. So when she asked me if I would consider writing a guest post for one topic in particular, I jumped all over it.

One of the conversations we had focused on were “First Look” photography sessions.  What were our thoughts? What would we do? And considering that Christy and I are facing that decision in the near future, it was a perfect opportunity for me to really speak from the heart and not just the photographer’s perspective.
Deciding on if you want to see your significant other before walking down the aisle seems to be the most polarizing question since having to decide between a band or DJ. It might even be a tougher question, because this is one of those decisions that Moms and Dads tend to weigh in on from time to time. So if this is a conundrum that you’re dealing with right now, you have come to the right place. I’m going to help you decide! From both a soon-to-be married perspective and a photographer’s perspective.

The biggest hitch normally starts when you consider yourself a “modern” couple having a “modern” wedding. Waiting to see each other as you walk down the aisle is as traditional as a wedding dress and the first dance. It’s just something that couple have been expected to do. For the most part, couples that see themselves as being “traditional” feel this is an easy question to answer. And to be honest, if traditionalism is the foundation to your wedding, then this is a good decision for you. From that point of view, there are few things that resemble the Bride walking down the aisle to a groom holding back the tears from seeing her for the first time. It can be a truly emotional moment.
Unfortunately for the traditionalist, and trust me, I love some tradition, this is the age of the modern weddings and the modern bride. And it isn’t so much that there are drawbacks to the traditional walk, but more so that you are missing out on some incredible opportunities that you would not otherwise have.
Today, couples want more than stunning photographs. They want photographs that capture un-interrupted emotion.  Photographs that look like they belong on the cover of magazines. Photographs that make them feel that on that day they were put on the world stage and absolutely rocked it! Mom and Dad’s photos are no more. You want something as unique as the generation you grew up in. One of the easiest ways to do that is by scheduling a “First Look” .
So what is a first look? This is a brief but meaningful moment before the ceremony when you see each other for the first time. Sounds ordinary huh? It’s not. I can assure you that if the experience is put together correctly, this has every bit of emotion as the traditional option. Maybe even more.
Before I get to the best part, let me cover my second favorite reason to have a first look. That would be stress! Yup! Most couples don’t think about it at first, but this is one of the best ways to eliminate chaos and stress on your wedding day. When you have seen each other before, it now allows you to get some of those formal portraits out of the way before the ceremony. Before the groomsmen have had too many beers and before everyone scatters after the ceremony.  And after the ceremony, it allows you to spend time getting those awesome sunset photos and not feeling anxious that you are wasting those “sunset” moments waiting for Uncle Frank to be found. Most of all. . . .it allows you get to your reception sooner! Less stress and more party? 2XBonus!
But that’s not my favorite part. My favorite part is the opportunity to have a quiet moment to share with just each other. After all, that’s what put you on the path to having this day right?  It’s all about that moment when you and your significant other step away from the wedding day buzz and just see each other. No distractions from all your close friends and families as they look on. No thoughts about your upcoming vows. No goofy looks from your groomsmen and no muffled sobs from your bridesmaids. Somewhere quiet where the rest of the world goes away and all that matters is the 2 of you. Nothing rushing you but your excitement to reach each other as those emotions visually come to life. A moment that that will stand out in the midst of your day that flies by. A moment that truly belongs to just you two.
In the end, there really is no right or wrong answer. But if your time line is stressing you out; your family is a heard of cats; you want to take advantage of that incredible photographer you found; or maybe you would just like 10 quiet minutes with that amazing person that this day is about. . . . . .this just might be the one of the best moments of that day!

Thank you Jasen & Studio Moirae! 
regina @ meant2be events

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