Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Paint that Wedding Day Canvas!

My favorite way to make your wedding a splash is by doing just that! Add a splash of color into your décor! This can be incorporated into your décor no matter what color palette inspires you. You can add waves of color or just little sparkles of it. However you choose- it will be magnificent!

You do not have to use color only through floral arrangements! You can add that pop of color through balloons, paper creations, umbrellas, vases, uplighting or whatever creative pieces that catch your fancy!

Again you can infuse your wedding décor with any color palette of your choosing. I will show you how with every color of the rainbow. And there were so many beautiful and colorful pictures that inspired me that I just had to post them all! Let me know which pops you love most! 

I am in love with all things color and these photos completely inspire me and get my creative juices flowin'! I hope they get your imagination running as well!

chelsea @ meant2be events

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