Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Orange You Surprised to See an Orange Wedding?

You will see color pop trends all over the place this fall and spring and we are loving it! You can add those color pops in any hue, but today we were feeling a little bit of orange and blue action!  Navy, aqua, or royal blue- which shade do you think would work with a pop of orange? Here are my favorites!

I bet you couldn't imagine that orange and blue would look even remotely nice together, but they prove to be quite beautiful, don't they?! I aspired to give you many different styles to show you how well these colors play together whether you are a glamour girl or an eclectic modern bride!  If you are loving any of the looks see more of these orangely awesome photographs at: 

Which color palette is your favorite?? 

Thanks for stopping by!

chelsea @ meant2be events

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