Friday, November 22, 2013

crazy weather weddings in arizona

 You've been watching the weather report with a level of anxiety you haven't had any other time during your planning. The weatherman becomes the most hated person you know, and you just can't see how the day you have been dreaming of will ever happen with all those grey clouds in the sky.

Well, the truth is rain happens. Not often, but when it does, its unpredictable, sometimes will fool you, and there are lots of flash flood warnings in this state for a reason. 

After almost a decade planning weddings, we know this.  We also know how absolutely magical it can make a wedding day. So in this fabulous cleansing rain we are seeing, we thought we would impart to you some wisdom and exeperience of what really happens when the sky decides to open up on your big day!

First, as your planner we always know what your back up options are when you book your date. There is always an option pre-determined. We don't wait until the last minute to consider this.  So rest assured,there is an option for you.

Next, your pictures. Gloomy and overcast clouds make the best lighting for pictures! Lucky you! All of that investment you made into photography- well you are getting the BEST setting possible for some ROCKING photos! And you can't get a rainbow without a little rain!

Rain  cools things down. And in a state known for it's sweltering weather conditions and many guests being from out of town it can really make a difference in their guest experience. If it gets too cool- that's ok too! It's so much easier to bring in heaters...outdoor air conditioners aren't really effective.

Details change because of a location change. This is where an experienced planner can help the most! These changes are happening last minute, take a lot of ingenuity, and fast logistics. Plus, because of the strong relationships we have in the valley our team comes together in these instances to make sure the we still exceed the bride's expectations. One bride needed pipe & drape in her new space, another more florals, and yet another spot lighting...all were brought in at no cost to our client to make their day unforgettable!  

Now I know you are saying-"Yeah, Yeah, we logically know all of this, it doesn't change the fact that it is not what I wanted". You are right. That vision you had in your head- dare I say tunnel vision, has lead you to believe that you only had one perfect day,  when in fact, we can make your magic happen in an absolutely suprising, romantic and unforgettable way with some tweeking to your original plan! The results I have to say are nothing short of epic! 

But don't just hear it from us...hear it from our bride's who have been through it themselves!

Jenna & Tom -Plan A was a 3 part fully outdoor celebration.
Plan B: Ceremony & Reception fully indoors

Meant2Be Events was a huge asset the day of the wedding. Plans were to go outside for the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner, but mother nature had other plans. They had to move everything inside, just hours before it was go time. I don't know what we would have done if we didn't have Regina there to coordinate everyone. She did an amazing job. The final product was just what we wanted for our big day, and more. As much as we wanted to have our wedding outdoors, Regina made it just as special and intimate indoors. Thanks Regina for everything you did for us!

Stephanie & Brian-Plan A: Fully outdoors ceremony & reception.  
Plan B: heaters,rentals & timing changed to accomodate rain

 Our wedding was perfect!!! There was no stress on our end which meant we could enjoy every moment! We had an outdoor ceremony and reception. Regina brought in heaters for our guests, and was prepared to move dinner inside should the rain in the forecast happen. She even ran out between the ceremony and reception to buy the sparklers that I had forgotten for our exit! We have had nothing but compliments about our wedding. Everyone had a blast! We credit Regina with it all. She made our wedding unique and completely us. Because of Regina, our wedding day was completely stress free for us. She took care of everything and made sure it was exactly what we wanted and even more. I can't quite explain how grateful we are for all of her hard work and dedication to making the biggest day of our lives perfect.

Nikki & Corey- Plan A: Outdoor Ceremony
Plan B: Indoor Ceremony

The ceremony was supposed to be outside, but the weather was not working in our favor so the night before we decided to move it inside and i loved it sooo much more then I think it would have been inside. 
Meant2Be Events is so creative and has ideas that I never would have thought to do like adding fruit to our flower arrangements. It was worth every penny and i would not have gone any other way. Thanks!

For more pics from Nikki & Corey's Wedding check out our feature on Borrowed & Bleu!

 For the brides above and the others that have had challenging weather, the rain & surprises became the favorite part of the day!  So no matter what the weather brings, rest assured your wedding will be amazing.

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