Wednesday, November 13, 2013

real wedding: meant2beevents & firesky resort and spa

So we love to hear the fresh perspective of our MOBs (mother of the bride). Usually our biggest fans are of course our brides, but every so often we get the glowing stars from our moms too...and we love to share!  

This sweet sweet family just had a wonderful celebration honoring Nikki & Josh at FireSky Resort & Spa... Let's hear it from Jeanne (our fabulous MOB)!

From Jeanne:
Yes, Nikki is so right - we were that family that didn't "need" a wedding planner because we felt we had the time, resources, and vision to put this small wedding together on our own. After a few months elapsed, we kind of reached an impasse and began to realize we didn't even know what we didn't know! We interviewed Regina, then stepped away and hired her on the spot. No regrets there - truth is, a wedding planner's fee is more than offset by her industry connections & her discounts and vendor resources. Each vendor that we interviewed had been pre-selected and was a perfect fit for our budget and preferences. We never had to question the integrity of any of the businesses or stress about the multitude of details that present throughout this process. The wedding and reception exceeded our expectations and was great fun for our family and guests thanks to Regina & Chelsea. We look forward to working with you again when Nikki's sister takes the next step....Jeanne B (M.O.B.)

We are looking to celebrate with this very genuine, incredibly fun family again soon! Thanks for the kind words! To see more from this wedding visit our last blog post for Nikki & Josh!

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