Saturday, January 4, 2014

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This design board created was inspired by the only Maritime Museum I have been to - in San Diego.

Every time I have traveled to our sister beach, I have to go to Anthony's. It's a restaurant right on the rocky beach near Mission Bay. They have the best view of the ocean- ok, maybe not the best. But its a comforting experience because I have be going to Anthony's since I was a kid!

Right along that block you can find the ferry that will take you to Coronado Island {a must see} and...

Next to that is a gigantic boat that is actually a Maritime Museum.

I recall running thru the museum several times as a kid visiting and while I probably didn't quite understand the significance then, I certainly appreciate it now!

Thank you to all of those men and women thru all the years that have served to defend our liberties! 

Mini board: decor, cake.

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