Monday, January 6, 2014

meant2be events: 30 days of inspiration: argentina inspired yellow and light blue wedding

Today, I was inspired by the Argentinian Flag to create a feminine design with a little bit of structure with the stripes and geometrical patterns. The Argentinian flag is made up of two soft blue stripes with a vibrant yellow sun in the middle. The logic behind my design was through my husband. 

He is from Argentina and he inspires me everyday, so I thought why not create a wedding board around my number one inspiration?!

I wanted to have a pop of yellows in the mix of periwinkle blues with a few dahlias thrown in there to emulate the sun textures represented in the Argentinian flag.  

It turned out very soft and romantic and I am digging it! Or shall I express my feelings in Spanish? Me lo encanta este proyecto!



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