Wednesday, January 8, 2014

meant2be events: tips for having your dog in the wedding

Some people are very attached to their pet dogs that they want to bring him or give him a special role in events like weddings. And at meant2be events, we have had many four legged friends in our beautiful ceremonies!  Some of them as ring bearers, flower girls, and even a best man! If you are this kind of person, you would need to consider these tips on how to include your dog in the ceremony!  

Consult with the venue authorities first.
Before appointing your dog any role in the ceremony, it is crucial that you inform the people in charge of the ceremony venue first. In some churches and other wedding venues, pets are not allowed or there may be restrictions about bringing pets, so you have to know about these things before going on with the wedding planning. If the venue authorities would not allow it, consider finding another venue or have your dog stay at home instead. 

Choose a suitable role for your dog.
It is your pet so you know its behavior and temperament. Basing from its personality, you should choose a role that will be fitting for it. For example, if your dog is energetic and smart, it may be able to do the job of the ring bearer effectively (given that it would be held on a leash by an usher and the ring will be in a pouch to be carried in his mouth).

Practice your dog for its role.
To ensure a smooth flow during the ceremony, make sure that your precious dog knows about its role in the event. Practice several days before the wedding and be sure to reward your doggie for doing it right. 

Appoint a dog handler.
You have so many things in mind during your big day so it would be ideal to have someone walk your dog or take it to a place to relieve itself before the ceremony. 

Give your dog a good bath.
Before going to the ceremony, be sure to wash your pup so that guests who have allergies on pets would have nothing to complain about. 

Ensure that it is well fed and relieved before going to the wedding.
This is important to avoid unnecessary behavioral problems or tantrums that may cause to disrupt the event. 

Leave your beloved dog at home.
This is the right thing to do unless you can be absolutely sure that your pet can behave well during the event. You do not want it doing something that can ruin your special day.

With the right preparation and consideration, your furry friends can be a big part of your biggest day!

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