Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who could have guessed?

Many of us have siblings. I am no different. We had a rocky relationship up until I graduated HS. We were such different people! Me~serious, analytical, ambitious, intelligent. Baby Davey (aka~my brother) social, care free, the life of the party & too smart for his own good. But many life circumstances have brought us right back to the good 'ol days of clubhouses made of refrigerator boxes ( I was always the president), playing "restaurant" ( I was an entrepreneur from the day I was born), and making forts out of the couch cushions (has design always been part of my genetics??) . We have been for some time now the best of friends.

I am so proud of my little bro. He took the LONG road towards his goals and they are still wildly developing as we speak. But, after a treacherous climb, my brother created a milestone. He graduated college last week.

Now many of us can talk about hardships as a student. My brother is no different, but his mountains are not for me to discuss on here. The part that still amazes me is how similar we have turned out to be.

First, no need to state the obvious, we obvious look like we come from the same gene pool. But, he is now a "reader" and can debate you into a crying puddle of a human being if he disagrees with your opinion. But don't let his dialogue fool you, he really doesn't care that much. He is charismatic and still the life of the party~ and if for a second he thought giving his opinion would spoil the fun he would kindly move on and spare you the emberassment. For those of you who know me personally, I am direct. Very direct. I like to be clear in my communication~ less room for error or feelings to get in the way. But, I am much more of an observer and if for a second it would bring the "vibe" down, my opinions stay locked away until socially acceptable to share. We have the same ego and restraints.

And then there is the icing on the cake! I have been a part of the wedding & event industry for 4 years now ( love every bit of it). And my brother in his infinite wisdom, decided to get a degree in the one area of study he is completely confident can be a blast! Leisure Management( aka event planning).

Apparaently all the apples from our tree fall in exactly the same basket. Next step, take over the world.

Cheers Davey Baby ~xoxo SisterFace

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