Monday, February 23, 2009

The importance of partnerships.....

Last week I was honored to find out that I was a guest speaker at NACE- National Association of Catering Executives. That month's meeting was at the Four Seasons property in north Scottsdale and while its certainly a hike it is well worth the drive!

My partner in crime - Drew from Heidi's Catering and Events, drove up together and while on the move I asked him about his professional relationships. And while it seems necessary to explain a difference between those "professional" and those "personal" relationships, I have to say it doesn't apply to me.

And that was a key point of my speech. My clients are so special to me and their happiness is both a measure of my professional and personal success. A peice of me is in every wedding I help to design. As well as the wedding/event professional vendors I refer to my clients. Each of them are fabulous at providing services/products for my clients but just as important to me is that they are people I would surround myself with even if it wasn't for "work". People who have the same passion for their clients as I do, and also are the nicest, most genuine, and fun people I could ask for! And I know anyone who trusts me with their day, would trust these wonderful people that I can honestly call friends.


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