Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have to say if I weren't a planner ..I would have to be a food critic. I am such a foodie. I love food. I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have a job that puts me in front of great caterers, new clubs, and amazing resorts on a regular basis! I have the best undercover foodie career!

Just this week: Lunch with Melanie at Arizona Grand Resort, Lunch with Heather Sloane of Eventfully Yours, Dinner with my client Eliana at Maria Maria with her new DJ -Adrian from CS Productions, Cocktails at Troon North Golf Club with Kim from The Event Essentials, Wendy of Sacred Moments, Alesha of A Day to Cherish, sweets at Desert Botanical with my favorite gals in the red rocks twice each time hanging out with the crew from Heidi's Events and Catering and last but certainly not least dinner at Pita Jungle with Drew from Heidi's and his Andy (please refer to pictures 2 blogs ago)... And's only Wednesday!

So I'm just taking a moment to be thankful for fabulous people and fabulous food!


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