Friday, September 25, 2009

Moulin Rouge: Attire

Today, I want to talk about attire for the wedding party (bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen). I let the movie Moulin Rouge inspire the attire for the clothes.
Starting with the bride, I decided to actually use Nicole Kidman’s dress that she wore at the end of the movie. The dress is actually Hindi-inspired, but I just felt that it was beautiful and unique and perfectly in line with the theme of the wedding and reception. The dress is an ivory color used with silk fabric and customized embroidery and beading. I thought that this dress would be well-paired with a vintage-looking birdcage veil.
I really wanted to have the red dress that Nicole Kidman wears in the movie to be a part of the wedding party attire. I found a dress on that looks very similar to the beautiful gown in the movie. The dress comes in the color “Apple” and is described as “sleeveless flat taffeta tea-length dress with ruched empire waist and tie back.”
There is a “Build-a-Tux” feature on the Men’s Warehouse website that I decided to use to illustrate my ideas for the groom’s tuxedo and the groomsmen’s tuxedos. For the groom, I wanted his vest and tie to match the color of the bride’s dress to make him stand out among all the groomsmen. Back in the 1900s, men would wear jackets with coat tails for formal events. Instead of doing full dress tails, I decided to go with a cutaway jacket. The vest and euro tie is called “diamond cream.” I also decided to use an ivory wing collared shirt under the vest.
For the groomsmen, I used the same cutaway jacket. However, the vest, tie, and shirt are different from the groom. The vest and tie, in order to match the bridesmaids, were colored in “primetime red.” Under the vest, I used a white point collar shirt.
I hope this information was useful. Come back again on Thursday where I will talk about flowers for the wedding!!!

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