Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So it's been a very long while since I posted anything personal on my blog...I think the last time was when I posted that my brother graduated from ASU with and EVENT DEGREE! Boy that was SO long ago now! Update: he is working for AZ Pain Specialists - as a marketing guru!

I have the most productive year to date ...October is our M2B Events one year anniversary! Appearently, the one year anniversary is a the paper I'm getting new business cards to celebrate- Ms Kimmy and her bun in the oven from The Event Essentials are my creative source for all things PAPER!

Now we all know I've been dancing around this industry alot longer than that for sure! But, it is one year to date that I left SKM Entertainment and went full time with my fabulous clients at M2B!

I have had a tremendous response this year to M2B and have much love for my supporters in the industry, family, and friends.

Still looking forward to the productive fall season, more travel, destination events, and the growing possibility of take M2B across state lines....

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