Wednesday, October 21, 2009

meant2be events: preparing for the "day of"

So there is the week before the big day, when all the little details are falling into place and the bride and groom start looking forward to the day finally coming together! And there are always lots of little things that I need to make sure there are no missed details to worry about....and VIOLA- thus came the creation of the BOX OF LOVE. This box has all the items that have been collected in the planning I have created a list of items for my ladies to help them pass the right goodies on to me for safe keeping and for completion of their thoughts and wishes for their day! Some of these are obvious, some are really maybe not....

Attire & Just in Case Attire
__Extra Lip Gloss
__ Extra shoes (flip flops, slippers)
__Extra outfit for after the wedding

Getting Ready
__Food and Beverages for the time while getting ready
__Your emergency kit

Reception Details
__Cake Topper (if not previously delivered to cake designer)
__Toasting Flutes
__Serving Set
__Guest Book
__Card box
__Votives with candles
__Gratuity Envelopes
__Marriage License
__Reception Stationary

Every Bride will have a variation of this, but will get you started on your BOX OF LOVE!

All of these goodies are to be exchanged at the rehearsal, so that on that day its all taken care of!

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