Saturday, July 3, 2010

{Inspire2Design} Arizona Weddings: Beat the Heat

So while melting away in the summer sun, the thoughts go to how long are we going to have these scorching temperatures? With Fall wedding season soon approaching, it's safe to say that ALL Arizona brides should consider ways to beat the heat on their big day.

For the bride: Your wedding can literally be a full day in the sun. And although the warm weather is glorious, it can also pose a challenge when it comes to looking and feeling your best: Hot temperatures can melt and move makeup and turn complexions shiny, and high humidity can be downright hair-raising. But armed with the right strategy, you will prevail -- and look your prettiest.

Beauty begins on the inside! The day before your wedding, cut back on dehydrating alcohol and avoid spicy foods, which can make you flush.

Give yourself at least 3 hours to get ready so your body temperature doesn't raise from running around too much. And shower early! Using an absorbing body oil instead of lotion. It will give you much better hydration and will be completely absorbed in a few hours so you can put on your dress safely.

Drinking Cucumber water that day will be important. Cucumber has cooling qualities that will not only hydrate but cool your core! Oh and it tastes great too!

For your guests: Providing shade and comfort to your guests is not only important but considerate. Your guests have traveled far and wide to be here for your day. Here are some things that we recommend!

Welcome bags are such a great detail when it comes to the beginning of your festivities. Most people don't know how to beat the Arizona sun so give them an extra bottle of water, sunscreen, and a chapstick with SPF. This will prepare them for their other activities surrounding your wedding day.

On the day, providing them with creative ways to keep cool can be practical and stylish. Parasols provide shade, fans for a breeze, and flip flops for swollen achy feet can make your guests feel like VIPs and allow them to enjoy your ceremony and reception!Luna Bazaar is a great resource for your paper goods! And please don't forget to put a self serve beverage station with cucumber water for them as well! They will appreciate the h2o under our blazing sun!

Cheers to your high style Arizona wedding!

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