Saturday, July 3, 2010

{Inspire2Design} Arizona Weddings: Cool Summer Attire with Hot Style

So in your Arizona Wedding plans it's important to consider your bridal party attire and how you will be effected by our heat!

I found an amazing designer by the name of Chis Kole owner of The Cotton Bride. His collections are made from the finest cottons, linens and natural fabrics! How better to start your amazing journey in couture style combined with the utmost comfort?

Here are a couple of my favs!

What about for your groom? Go linen! It can look sharp, chic, and sophisticated while letting him keep his cool! This gem was found at Just Linen - check it out! It's not just for beaches anymore!

How delicious! I just love a gray suit! Such a nice compromise from the traditional black tuxedo.

And why stop there?

What about your attendants...while you certainly can have your GMs in linen as well, let's not forget your ladies!

Here are some of my fav cotton dresses - classy enough to compliment your designer swag:

All in fabulous modern styles in breathable fabrics from JCREW.

Whatever your style, being comfortable on your most important day should be high on your consideration list. This is one day that has to be perfect and with all the planning you do- let's make sure you can focus on just how magical it is rather then trying to escape your discomfort!

Cheers to a beautiful wedding with HOT style and Cool temps!

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