Sunday, July 25, 2010

{prepare2wed} Wedding Gowns on a Budget :

So many of my brides come to me already with their wedding dress. And for those who haven't considered this most important investment, the question is do we want to include it in the budget? Too often, the gown is such a personal item, that they have saved this very sacred search for this moment and so to say for sure what will look best or make them feel exquisite is not to be constrained by a preconceived percentage.

And many times because of how special this process is- it is a gift from the parents, friends or family and shouldn't be considered in my aspects of the planning process.

That being said, it is not necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get the look you desire, especially now! Many designers offer so many beautiful and affordable options for today's bride!

Here are a couple of my favs!

This gown is from The Limited- who knew The Limited did weddings?

This fab gown is from JCrew!

This growing availability of designer dresses at reasonable prices is allowing for every bride to enjoy her most important day in style.

For more fab gowns check out this slide show on

Featured wedding of Betsy & Rob, friend of client photographer.

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