Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The truth about the slipper.....

So many wide eyed brides are fixated on fairytale romances that we grew up reading as kids. Many of those stories were written in other languages originally and have evolved into the modern day versions that we all know and love.My favorite mishap of translation that full wedding THEMES have been based on is the glass slipper from Cinderella. For the "fabley challenged", its the story of poor Cinderella - mistreated by her step sisters and patronized by her evil step mother. The kingdom holds a ball in which the Prince is to chose a wife. Through the magic of her fairy godmother {insert wedding planner here} she is able to attend the ball in a carriage with a beautiful gown and glass slippers. {As a planner I would never recommend a glass slipper...but I have to remember this is just a story}.

At the stroke of midnight the magic comes to an end {as it does in real life} and poor Cinderella is turned back into a commoner.  In her haste to escape, she leaves behind a glass slipper and its the one thing that brings the prince and Cinderella together in the end so they can live happily ever after!

In the wedding world...we live by the details. And there was a little misstep in the details during the translation of the original version of Cinderella. In the first stories written in french...her slipper was originally written as pantoufle de vair .In oral transcription was accidentally recorded as pantoufle de verre- which means glass slipper.

The VAIR version {and the correct version} meant her shoe was made of SQUIRREL FUR! A little less romantic to say the least!  Happy Planning!

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