Tuesday, January 21, 2014

meant2be events: Brides.Com & the ZEN mindset

Glancing thru the lastest from the greatest I fould this gem of an article available from Brides.com.

One of the most important things I can do for my clients is stay calm. When you are calm you can listen attentively, react surely, & problem solve more effectively in the face of high stress, high emotion situations. Most of the "stressful" situations that my brides face happen all the time. Like, "why aren't my guests rsvping?" , "what if my dress doesn't fit?", "what if it rains?"...the same isssues everytime.
Now for each bride it's your first time dealing with this, I know. But, in all the times I have, getting frantic never ever helped the situation. So, how do you stay calm?
Well, I love this article it appeals to my spiritual side....

Here's an exert:
A Zen outlook can help calm you down when the seating plan or his mom is driving you nuts. Consider Zen your spiritual wedding planner.

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