Tuesday, August 30, 2011

{blessed2be} pet life lessons

Ruby courtesy of Ivy Studios

As I was browsing through magazines to throw out, I found a really great article about pets. Now, if you follow me on facebook, then you have seen the wonderful pics that Ivy Studios did for me and my girls- Ruby &  Pearl.

The premise was about the life lessons we could learn from our pets...here's my version..

 Just being present is enough. Your pets dont have to say anything for you to know that they are there to comfort you. They want to be close, and unlike humans will never wonder how to find the right words. In life, often we dont know how to take care of our friends and loved ones..but more often then not, they just need to know you are there!

Don't try so hard. Cats and dogs often go thru their own day with little thought to clamoring for acceptance like humans do. While dogs work for affection from a few loved ones, humans really work on a larger scale always seeking the approval of others and in turn losing a lot of the focus on what it is that truly makes them happy!

You can get along with anyone. The expression "fight like cats and dogs" is actually really far from reality. We all have seen all the crazy you tube videos of gorillas taking care of cats, Cats nursing orphan puppies, etc.  Many animal species are very open and accepting of obvious differences in the animal kingdom. We can take a big lesson here in tolerance!

And I saved the best for last, CELEBRATE EVERYTHING. Your pets are just excited for you to walk through the door. They are excited when you throw a ball, over joyed when you get up in the morning, and can't wait to take another car ride. Life will always present us with challenges- its a series of peaks and valleys. We should all take the time to celebrate all the small things that make our lives so great!

Cheers to our pets, the wisest creatures we know!
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